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John Norton

"The Creation is never over. It had a beginning but it has no ending. Creation is always busy making new scenes, new things and new Worlds." - Immanuel Kant, A General History of the Heavens


I have always loved to draw and paint from observation but over the years I have come to enjoy the fact that making art, for me, is as much about what can be sensed through the imagination as what is known with the eyes. The world "out there" arrives and interacts with the world "in here."  We see and we make before we understand the meanings in the work. 

After studying landscape architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design in the 1970s, I worked as a designer in Cambridge MA, the Bay Area on the west coast and New York City. When I moved to New Mexico in 1977 I studied art full time and I also began spending more time on the coast of Maine. Both places allowed me to make art full time. Later on, marriage and my new family created a home. They also brought me back East in the early '80s and led to life as a high school art teacher.  As the old saying goes, "every artist needs a second job." Encouraging students to experience what I had discovered about art and design was a privilege. I retired from teaching in 2016, live in Belmont, MA and now work out of an Allston MA studio. 

I have shown my work in galleries and the occasional museum in New Mexico, Massachusetts and Maine and three solo exhibits, most recently at the North Haven Gallery in Maine. 



119 Braintree Street, #501, Allston, MA (STUDIO)

Prices provided upon request.